Boys Performance Lacrosse Training

Sessions start in November and run for 5 weeks.

Start Date To Be Announced Late Summer 2019

4th Annual NJLT Performance Lacrosse Training

Fast Paced, High Performance Training, Coaching, Gameplay.

  • PLT training sessions are designed for high level lacrosse training and game play with high caliber players.  Experience is required.
  • 5 weeks of focused positional training, development and game-play situations to take players skills to the next level.
  • Location: Indoor Training.  Sports City, 269 Squankum Rd. Farmingdale, NJ.

Youth and HS Sessions Run 7:30-9:00pm

  • 6th – 8th Grade – Youth Division
  • 9th – 12th Grade – High School Division

See highlights tab for training details.


1st Quarter – Player Development and Warmup – 10-15 minutes

One fast paced skills development drill for all players to get ready to dive into high level position specific training and warmup.  Players need to get their sticks and body ready to compete before getting into training.

2nd Quarter – Position Specific Training – 40-50 minutes

  • Attack Training:  This training focuses on scoring goals and setting up attackmen to beat the defense.  Starting by breaking down players core shooting and developing their shot to be faster and more accurate, the training sessions move to attacking the goal, dodging, feeding and breaking down defensemen.
  • Midfield Training:  Developing skills to play both sides of the ball, PLT middie training focuses on everything a middie encounters in games.  Dodging, shooting, feeding and defense will be the focus of this training to bring the middies to become a threat on both sides of the field.
  • Defense Training:  From stick checks and body position to team defense, this training session will build the defensemen into a force on the defensive end of the field.  This session will develop and instill the tools necessary to compete and stop the offense by building a players individual skills, footwork, stick checks and applying them into a team defensive format and scheme.
  • Goalie Training:  Building brick walls is the goal of this training.  Taking an experienced goalie to the next level is something that NJLT specializes in.  Starting with the core goalie fundamentals, we will quickly get into challenge shots and how to face the hardest angles, positions, locations and shooters on the field.  Goalies who train with NJLT leave with a high level of confidence in their skills and a commanding position on the field.

3rd Quarter – Game Situations – 15-25 Minutes

Game situations are focused on the micro level games within the big picture game of lacrosse.  This includes 2 man games, man up/man down, progression drills, faceoffs and wing play etc…  The game situations involve positions combining and pairing against each other in competition.  These experiences, are often overlooked, but are a huge part of winning in the game of lacrosse.

4th Quarter – High Level Scrimmages – 20-30 Minutes

Full tilt scrimmaging!  After training hard by position and playing the games within the game, it’s time to roll the ball out and place the players into live competition.  Scrimmages are coached by NJLT coaching staff and will break down the X’s & O’s when the opportunities become available.

Full Boys Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water Bottle

PLT Is Limited to 24 Players Per Age Group.  Players split into 2 teams when going into live reps/scrimmages.

  • 6 Attack
  • 8 Midfield
  • 6 Defense (LSM included)
  • 4 Goalies

If your position is sold out – Email to be placed on our waitlist.


Price: $235

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Howell, New Jersey
Midfield Specialist
Goalie Specialist

NJLT Coaching Staff:

PLT has an 8:1 players to coaches ratio with a roster of head coaches and assistant coaches broken down by position.  Each of the coaches have excelled at their own position as both players and coaches and have been selected not only as great coaches but as coaches who possess the tools necessary to teach their craft to the players.

Guest Coaches For PLT

NJLT is bringing in a guest coach to support every position over the course of the training.  Guest coaches have been selected for their individual impact that can be made on the players training.