Private Lessons with NJLT

Book a private one-on-one session with one of our elite coaches.
Small group sessions are available as well!

Location: Outdoor field

  • Individual training offered for both Girls & Boys
  • One hour of individual attention from an NJLT coach
  • All lessons are tailored to the individual player’s needs
  • Every lesson begins with core stick skills fundamentals to strengthen base skills
  • Lessons are designed to develop and challenge each player’s abilities
  • Subsequent lessons are designed to build on the player’s strengths and improve weaknesses
  • All lessons are held outdoors – weather permitting
  • HOMEWORK! Players will be assigned skills and drills to work on between lessons

Contact NJLT or your assigned coach to schedule your lesson.

Single Lesson Price: $75/hour
Lesson Bundles Prices:
5-lesson bundle: $70/hr
10-lesson bundle: $65/hr

Note: Any lessons not completed within one year of purchase will expire as lesson credits and the balance of the amount paid, less the number of lessons completed will become an NJLT credit which does not expire and can only be used toward camps and clinics.  Refunds are not available for lessons that are not completed within one year.

Small Group Training Sessions

Many players want the advantage of elite level training but feel the burden of the financial commitment. If you have a group of 2-6 players who would like to concentrate on learning the same lacrosse techniques, sign up now.

Parents, players, and coaches have requested our small group training for:

  • Shooting lessons – technique, form, varying shots
  • Offensive dodging
  • Defensive play and stick checks
  • Stick skills fundamentals
  • Speed and agility training
  • Beginner lessons – Small group lesson for 60 minutes with a couple of your friends who are all new to the game
  • Homework provided for all players in the group

Small Group Lesson Price – $40 per player per hour

Goalie Lessons

Sometimes the ball looks like a marble and I can’t make any saves. After training with NJLT the ball looks like a beach ball and I feel like a brick wall that can’t be beat.

Being a goalie can be a player’s ticket to more playing time. We will work with you to make sure you start seeing beach balls rather than marbles.

A confident goalie is the hardest to score on because they know they will make the save before the ball is released from the shooter’s stick.

Goalie lessons begin with the basics regardless of how advanced the goalie’s skills are. Many goalies have never been formally instructed how to play the position. Without proper fundamentals, goalies may develop into reactionary players – saving the ball purely based off reacting to the shot rather than anticipating the shot.

In each lesson our NJLT coach will start with a warmup and then introduce as many new skills to the goalie as time allows. We then test the goalie’s comprehension by shooting shots designed to challenge each specific skill. Our coaches pace each lesson dependent on each student’s needs. It is important for the goalie to master every skill before moving to the next.

*Note: Lessons expire 1 year from purchase date

Single Lesson Price: $75/hour
Lesson Bundles Prices:
5-lesson bundle: $70/hr
10-lesson bundle: $65/hr