8th Annual NJLT Summer Lacrosse Camp

Colts Neck NJ – Bucks Mills Park

July 13th – July 16th, 2020


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  • WHO: Boys and girls in 3rd to 12th grades of all skills and abilities.
  • Click Here for Little Laxxers Jump Start K-2 Summer Program
  • WHAT: NJLT Summer Lacrosse Camp – High level instruction combined with camp format to provide players a competitive, fun and learning lacrosse experience they will never forget!
  • WHERE: Outdoor – Bucks Mills Park – 137 Bucks Mill Rd. Colts Neck, NJ 07722
  • WHEN: July 13th – July 16, 2020
  • TIME: 9am – 2pm

NJLT Summer Camp is in its 8th year and has been growing since the beginning.  Camp has become a favorite and summer staple for many lacrosse players and families in the central NJ area!  Join us this summer for a fun filled camp experience like no other!

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  • Individual Skills Development – Training what each player needs by time one on one working with our coaches.
  • Maverik/Cascade Product Preview – A sneak peek exclusive to NJLT camp of the future products available for the next lacrosse season.
  • Group Skills Development – Taking the top skills by positing to sharpen and teach players the best practices and techniques.
  • Camp Learning experiences and staff demonstrations – Players get the opportunity to watch and learn from our staff who is at the peak of their playing and coaching careers.
  • Dunk Tank Shooting Station where players could hit the mark and dunk their favorite coaches.
  • Radar Gun/Fastest shot contest
  • Braveheart competition
  • 6v6 games
  • Full field Scrimmages
  • Players vs coaches game and contests
  • Much, much, more!

    Highlights – Our goal is to make NJLT Summer Camp the best lacrosse camp experience in the country!  Camp grows and builds year after year based on player experiences as well as player, parent, and staff feedback.  
    Highly experienced staff who are hand selected based on their ability to transfer their knowledge of the game to our campers.
    NJLT Staff has playing and coaching backgrounds across all levels of the game from NCAA coaches, High School coaches, Collegiate players who excel at their position.
    8:1 Player to coach ratio.
    Athletic trainer on staff all week to monitor players safety and address  medical issues.

    Past Camp Highlights include:

  • All Camp games, contests and prizes supported by our sponsors!
    NJLT Summer Camp is the only event sponsored by all of the top lacrosse manufacturers!

    Maverik, Cascade, STX, Nike, Epoch and ECD all sponser one day of camp to provide an experience with camp prizes like no other!
    Camp prizes – Camper of the day, Contest winners, Coaches Picks, Campers of the week and prizes/trivia questions at random

Boys Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water Bottle

Girls Equipment:

  • Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water Bottle

Goalie Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Throat Guard
  • Chest Protector
  • Gloves
  • Cup
  • Shin Pads: Girls Required, Boys Recommended.
  • Pants:  Girls Required, Boys Recommended.
  • Mouthguard
  • Stick
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water
NJLT Youth Summer Camp 2020 Overview:

All skills and position development camp that breaks players down by age/position/experience throughout the week.  All ages, positions and experience levels are welcome!
Position Specific Training
Fundamental Skills Development by age group
Scrimmages and game situations
Summer Camp Games
Sample Schedule below.

Sample Youth Daily Camp Schedule:
9am – Stick Skills and Warm Up
9:15 – Camp Meeting & Announcements
9:25 – Stretch and Prepare for Camp
9:30 – Player Skills Development – Grouped By Age
10:30 – Position Skills Development – Grouped By Position
11:15 – Game Situations and Live Play
12:00 – Lunch
12:40 – Camp Games/Contests
1:10 – Scrimmage
1:50 – Camp Cleanup, End of Camp Meeting and Daily Camper Prizes
2:00 – End of Camp

NJLT High School Summer Camp 2020 Overview – NEW Format!

Position specific camp driving competition and skills development! Players throughout the morning will focus on their individual skills development by position.  Afternoons will be scrimmages and game skills.
Attack Camp – Shooting, Feeding, Dodging and Attack Strategies
Middie Camp – Dodging, Shooting, Defense, Midfield play and offense/defense strategy
Defense Camp – Defensive positioning, stick checks, individual defense skills, team defense skills
Goalie Camp – Positioning, challenge drills and individual attention and Goalie Strategy

Sample High School Daily Camp Schedule:
9am – Stick Skills and Warm Up
9:15 – Camp Meeting & Announcements
9:25 – Stretch
9:30 – Individual Skills Set Training – Grouped by Position
Attack – Shooting from the Wing, Dodging from X, Inside Finishing
Defense – One Vs. One skills training, Individual Defensive Positioning, Defensive stick checks
Goalies – Warm up, Bounce shots Training, Turn Drill, Feeds from X.
Middies – Dodging the lane, Bounce Shots, Wing Play and Face-offs
10:30 – Team Position Skills Development – Grouped by Position
Attack and Defense – One on One From X, 2 Man Dodging from the wings
Goalies – Live shots from Middies, In cage live with Attack vs Defense
Middies – One on One from up top, shooting drill live with goalies
11:15 – Game Situations – Offense vs Defense
2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 game situations
Inbounds plays from X
12:00 – Lunch
12:40 – Camp Game/Contests
1:10 – Live Scrimmage
1:50 – Camp Cleanup, End of Camp Meeting and Daily Camper Prizes
2:00 – End of Camp

Camp Price: $295

Limited Early Registration Discounts Available.  We like to get registrations in as early as possible!  This allows us to plan the logistics behind the scenes of the camp and we find the players who register early also share the details of our camp with more teammates! This is a way that we can thank our players who register early with a big discount in hopes they will help to spread the details of our great camp!

How it works – We open a limited number of registrations per early registration price point and have a date that the discount offer expires. If a discount expires on October 1st and has a cap of 10 players at that price point, if we reach the 10th player on September 20th, this price point is full and the next discount price tier becomes available.

Sign up by 2/15/20 – Save $60 (Cap – First 10 Players to register)

Sign up by 3/15/20 – Save $50 (Cap – First 15 Players to register)

Sign up by 4/15/20 – Save $40 (Cap – First 15 Players to register)

Sign up by 5/15/20 – Save $30 (Cap -First 15 Players to register)

Sign up by 6/13/20 – Save $20 (Cap – First 15 Players to register)

Other Discounts Available:

Siblings Discount – Email info@njltlacrosse.com

Team Discount – Additional discount can be applied if 6+ Players from the same team will be registering.  Email info@njltlacrosse.com

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“I had an amazing and fun week here!! Coaches are the best!”  -Alexxa

“amazing experience, a lot of fun, and learned a lot of new skills. Coaches work good with the goalies, all the games are good to learn from!”  -Kris

“I was new to camp this year and learned a lot of new skills and how to play the game. After the camps over I feel like I’ve been playing for a while and can play in games with my friends in the fall!”  -Patrick

“this camp was awesome and it was fun and you learn a lot.” -Luke

“This is the best lacrosse camp!” -Jaxon

“10/10 time at camp for me !! the girls coaches are great and taught me how to really perfect my skills. can’t wait for next year” -Grace

“My daughter enjoyed the camp. She came home happy everyday. And consistently told me about the new skills she learned. We are planning on going back next year. I highly recommend this camp!” -Rose

“This camp is a great way to learn how to develop as a lacrosse player and improve your technique, form, and skills. This camp provides college and high school coaches to help guide young players to be successful. There are also current college players who help out at this camp to improve young players skills. This camp provides players with the ability to learn how to become a better lacrosse player along with learning important life lessons to work hard for what you want in life. NJLT camp has been around for the last seven years and is expected to grow as years progress!” -Justin

“Love the atmosphere around the camp and how the camp is run by the coaches. Teaches the game really well.” -Chris

“Awesome experience for lacrosse athletes of all ages and abilities! My second year with this camp has surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait for next year!” -Marissa

“No matter what age or skill level, great learning environment for a lax camp” -Joe

“Theme days were great touch to camp! The camp was very well laid out, kids were great, so happy to be apart of the coaching staff!” -Kaylee

“Have been to camp every year since they started. I learn new skills every time I go to camp and cant wait to go back next year!” -Bill

“Joined in 2017 and 2018. Learned so much and had a ton of fun! Coack Sinko was the best!” -Luke

“Great camp, despite the heat my son couldn’t wait to go each day.” -Mary

“I like the awards given out each day and the feedback from the coaches on the drills.” -Tristan

“We’ve seen a great improvement in our child’s skills.”  – Ryan

“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the camp and was disappointed when it ended – she loved the level and enjoyed the players and coaches Thank you for a great experience” – Bethany

“Kids received great feedback on technique.” – Mike

“My son liked that the coaches did every lesson with them. Also loved the major focus on faceoffs the one day. Tons of giveaways seemed to be a big hit” – Roger

“The position specific (goalie) training. Good coach to player ratio.”  – Steve

“My son attended for the first time this summer , he enjoyed the coaches and the instruction given throughout the week. He was thrilled to learn some new things and was pleased with all that he was taught or shown. This camp definitely built up his confidence in himself which will help him during his lacrosse season in high school. He was sorry that camp was over and wanted to keep going,”  -Sean

 “Everything – from the management to the coaches to the players that attended” -Tracy

 “Attended camp with friends The coaches were very positive” -Lilly 

 “My son loved the camp and learned a lot there. He was one of the older kids at 18, but it helped him tremendously” -Ron

 “Everything, my boys loved it! My kids had such a great time!!”  – Amber

Howell, New Jersey
Midfield Specialist
Midfield Trainer, Draw Specialist

Assistant Coaches:  We keep an 8:1 players to coach ratio and rotate our assistant coaches to make sure the players are getting exposed to the most out of our coaching staff.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    April 2, 2016

    Unbelievable experience in 2015. Coaches and staff were great with my kids and their lacrosse skills improved a ton. Already signed up for next years camp!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Louis Lanfranchi
    April 7, 2016

    We have been attending for the past few years and have always been pleased with the results. The coaches and staff are friendly and very knowledgeable and the program is well suited for all age groups and skill sets. My daughter has definitely improved due to attending this camp and we look forward to another fun filled summer camp in 2016.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tommy Bahmer III
    April 12, 2016

    I have been going to this camp for many years. I have never had one complaint. The staff is great, the instruction that the staff brings to the player is unbelievable and it is always a whole lot of fun.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Natalie Byrne
    April 13, 2016

    My children had a terrific experience attending the summer camp. The camp was fun, informative and well organized. The coaches were wonderful, knowledgeable and well experienced. They had a great time and learned many new skills.