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Goalies are the most important position on a team.  When a goalie is playing like a brick wall its usually a game changing opportunity.  Unfortunately there are few programs who have the time, ability or skills to develop their goalies and instuct all of their coaches on proper technique and fundamental skills development.   For most teams, goalies are the hardest position on the field to train and usually the most overlooked in practice.

NJLT Team Goalie Coaching is the answer to work with the goalies and the coaches at your program.  NJLT will come to your team practice to work with goalies and coaches to develop their skills to play in the cage and work with your coaches to provide the necessary tools to coach their goalies through the season.  

Team Training is tailored to the specific needs of the program, team, and/or players present and can be instructed in one session or over the course of the season.  

Most programs who bring NJLT on board for team wide goalie instruction typically do 2 sessions in the preseason and one in the middle of the season to make sure players are prepared to take the field.

NJLT will custom build a program into one goalie training session for all your goalies and coaches or as many sessions that players and coaches are intersted in.

  • Team Goalie Training programs are:

    • Designed as a custom program to suit the needs of the team/program and its coaches.
    • Usually 2 to 3 Sessions.  Some programs have NJLT out in the preseason and during the season, others just one time.  We are flexible but recommend 2-3 sessions to be able to drive home the skills development for players and coaches.
    • Accommodated to fit the team/program needs:
      • Goalie Training – Specifically focused on training and developing the goalies skills.  Invite to goalies only
      • Goalie and Coach Training – Designed to get players and coaches skills development and learning the core fundamentals of both playing and coaching the position.  Invited to players and coaches.
      • Program Wide Open Invite – Designed to get everyone on the same page with the skills development and learning the core fundamentals of both playing and coaching the position.  Invited to coaches, players, parents, anyone in the program who would like to develop and learn the skills of the goalie position.
      • Coaches Only – NJLT Staff instructs the core training that coaches can do to with goalies at practice, games as well as on field and off field drills for goalies to hone their skills.  Warm up, fundamental skills technique and development.

Goalie training sessions are desgined to be 2 hours of goalie training sessions.  Fill out form below and NJLT staff will be in contact to take the nest steps.

All Sessions Include:

  • Planning consultation with the team.  A call in advance of the session introduce NJLT staff with your program.  This is where the details of the sessions will be built and NJLT will then design a gameplan to suit the needs of the program.
  • 2 Hour on site training session open to the program.
  • Coaches access to NJLT staff for the remainder of the season to schedule calls/inquire about drills that were instructed at the training session.  NJLT will provide contact details to be a resource to all coaches and members of the team to discuss goalie technique.

Price for 1 Session with NJLT Coaches – $250

Price for 2 Sessions with NJLT Coaches – $450

Price for 3 Sessions with NJLT Coaches – $600

Loking for 3+ Sessions – Contact NJLT TO discuss this custom program.

In the interest of privacy, NJLT does not advertise the specific programs with which we work.
NJLT is not responsible for booking fields. All NJLT staff are members of US Lacrosse.

Teams outside of Monmouth county may incur an additional charge related to travel and time expenses for NJLT staff to train with your program. Contact NJLT for more details.

Any questions fill out the form below or contact NJLT Coaching staff directly:

Email:  info@njltlacrosse.com 

Call or Text:  908-445-5800

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