Winter Goalie Training – Advanced

5 Wednesday’s Beginning January 23, 2019.


Winter Goalie Advanced Training

Location: Indoor – Sports City NJ – 269 Squankum Rd. Farmingdale, NJ 07727

  • Boys and Girls in 5th – 12th grade:  8:00-9:00PM (grouped by age/experience)
  • 5 Consecutive Wednesdays starting January 23rd 2019
  • NJLT Advanced goalie training is for goalies with more than 3 years of experience or goalies who have attended a previous NJLT Goalie Clinic.
  • Training will be heavily focused on training rather than fundamental teaching and positioning.  If you want more fundamental goalie training see Goalie Level 1 Training.
  • Advanced Goalie Training will be focused on the more difficult challenge shots, field based fundamentals, body position, and muscle memory repetition to train for the upcoming season.
  • 5 weeks of focused positional training and player development.

Training Format:

  • Building Brick Walls:  One brick at a time.  Goalies in this training session have a solid foundation that will need to be fine tuned heading into the spring season.  This clinic will be a build on players fundamentals in foot positioning, stance, goal position and movement between the pipes.  We will not cover the basics.
  • Shot Training: Reps, Reps, Reps!  With a solid fundamental base, players in Advanced goalie training will need to see as many shots as possible.  Angles, locations, speeds, and variations of shots will be important to get players prepared for the spring season.  Goalies in advanced training will see hundreds of shots every session and be coached to make the most difficult saves look easy!
  • Challenge Drills: Seeing the ball and being in the right place is taught through the fundamentals but not every shot is easy to see and being in the right place is sometimes difficult.  In advanced goalie training, players will be set up to learn the skills necessary to compete against the hardest shots to save on the field – pipe to pipe movement, bounce shots, quick sticks, inside shots and much more will be trained in this session.
  • On and Off Field Warm Ups:  Most goalies do not get a good warm up every time they step on the field, this is imperative to their skills development, confidence in the goal and muscle memory.  NJLT Provides the format for a  successful warmup as well as warm up drills to be done when there is not enough time for a full warmup before practice or games.
  • Take Home Drills:  It is easy for field players to sharpen their skills outside of practice but goalies need to work on skills on their own as well.  Each week, players will be shown drills they can work on at home without a goal or even a lot of space.  Muscle memory and skills development are key to goalies success and there are a ton of these drills that can be done in a room at home (not all drills need a ball).  

NJLT Coaching Staff:

NJLT Goalie Training has a 4:1 players to coaches ratio with a roster of head coach, assistant coaches, and shooting coaches for player to be shot on and train their skills.  Each of the coaches have excelled at their own position as both players and coaches and have been selected not only as great coaches but as coaches who possess the tools necessary to teach their craft to the players.

2019 Registration:

$195 per player