Shooting is hands down the most important aspect of the game of lacrosse.  Without scoring goals, teams cannot win games.  There are arguments that go each way stating that the goalie is the most important part of a team or that offense wins games, defense wins championships…  Either way you look at the players on the field and rank each position in value it does not matter if your team does not score!

Listed in the heading of this post are actual shot speed increases from our most recent 5 week sniper school shooting session this winter.  These results are based on what we call a players in speed vs out speed.  We guarantee a shot speed increase in our sniper sessions and work really hard to make sure every player improves in our shooting sessions.  5 years and 16 sniper school sessions we have reached that goal on every session!

Shooting is all about shot speed, release, and placement.  If you can shoot 100mph+ but cannot hit the broad side of a barn then it is useless, on the contrary if you have the ability to place the ball well but cant get the heat behind the ball it is also useless.  The third part of shooting is your release – this is where, how and when you release the ball.  Shots can be hard and well placed but if the shooter shows the stick too early or takes too much time to release it allows the goalie the ability to set their stance and time to make the saves.  Getting goalies moving and out of position get players open twine to shoot at.

When to shoot – this is probably the most crucial component to what defines a good shooter.  When an opportunity opens for a player to shoot and they think they can score it often takes them too long to set up and release the shot.  In that instance when they “think” they can score it is too late, pull the ball out and live to see another opportunity in this offensive possession.  When an opportunity for the shooter to release a shot arises and they know they will score, the ball is already in the back of the net because they don’t think about taking the shot…they already did!


see you on the field!