New Jersey Lacrosse Training Mission

Our mission at New Jersey Lacrosse Training is to connect student athletes with skilled coaches who have excelled both on and off the field in their lacrosse careers.

NJLT coaches are exceptional players selected for their ability to adeptly communicate their knowledge of the game to the athletes we train. Their positive influence on and off the field make them exceptional mentors to today’s young talent.

We believe that no matter how advanced the player is core fundamentals can always be improved. Our lessons are designed to challenge players’ weaknesses by introducing and practicing new techniques in every session, while also meeting each player’s individual needs.

After every training session our students leave with 1-2 hours of homework to practice between sessions. Homework enables our coaches to focus on introducing new skills during each new lesson and build upon the previous lesson’s fundamentals.

Years of experience back our coaching strategy, lesson planning, and execution. NJLT delivers results on multiple levels, and guarantees every athlete who trains with us leaves a better lacrosse player.

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