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Ultimate Lacrosse Experience

Training. Video Review. Gameplan.



90 minute very small group training session.  High level instruction, hands on experience to maximize impact on players development.


Core position specific portions of the training will be recorded and analyzed.  Players receive video analysis with feedback on movement, form, and improvement specific to their position needs.  Players seeing themselves on video and using the analaysis provides opportunity for immedaite improvement.


Every player is at a different place in their position specific development and training.  A six week, individualized training plan is created by our staff for each player in attendance.  This roadmap provides a curated training plan which will focus players training efforts to the most impactful parts to develop their game.

A personalized approach to player development unlike anything seen before!

This is the ultimate step for players making a big push in their development!

Every player works hard preparing for the season, ULX takes the guessing game out of what should be worked on and provided so that a players workouts are focused working on the most beneficial skills.

Players walk away with having been coached on what it takes to improve, supplemented with video feedback and a personalized gameplan to build their skills.

  • Session Coaching/Instruction – Players are put through a series of impactful position specific drills to analyze levels in each core skill set.  Coaches provide direct feedback for improvement and focus is on the areas that will make the largest improvement.
  • Video Feedback – Players are recorded in core drills and initial feedback is provided on site to make immmediate improvements.  All players receive comprehensive video review after the session highlighting the specific areas of improvement that will be most impactful.
  • Personalized gameplan – All players receive a personalized 6 week gameplan which clearly communicates the skills needed to be focused on to reach their goals.

90 minute training session

Location:  Cedar Drive Middle School – 73 Cedar Drive Colts Neck NJ 07722


Position Session 1 Session #1 Video & Gameplan Delivery Session 2 Session #2 Video & Gameplan Delivery
Defense March 16th – 9am March 22nd April 6th – 9am April 12th
Offense March 16th – 10:30am March 22nd April 6th – 10:30am April 12th
Goalies March 16th – Noon March 22nd April 6th – Noon April 12th

A clear picture of what is needed to bring your game to the next level

Highly focused approach to breaking down what each players needs are to maximize development

Small group attention unlike any other training experience

Immediate on site coaches feedback

Additional video feedback post session provided with personalized 6 week gameplan

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What to expect:

On site session:

  • 3:1 player to coach skill set training focusing on position specific player needs
  • Players recorded on video and initial feedback provided
  • Initial and Immediate Video feedback provided and drills to work on
  • Skill set training focusing on position specific player needs

Coaches will provide additional feedback specific to the players form and critique areas that improvement can be made thorugh video anyalysis.  Combined with the video feedback, players will also be provided a 6 week gameplan of drills tailored specifically to their needs as a player.  Drills will link to videos online for reference and our coaches can be reached to discuss specifics so that all players have the best opportunity to reach their max potential!






Position Specific Skills Covered Results and Expectations For Player Growth
Offense 9 3:1 Core Shooting, Dodging, Static Shooting, Dynamic Shooting,  Shooting on the run. With video feedback and a 6 week gameplan, players are expected to shoot harder and more accurately both time and room and on the run.
Defense 9 3:1 Approach, 1 on 1 defense, rotating, breakdown, stick checks, team defense and slide packages Direct feedback supplemented with video and a follow up gameplan allows players to see and train the skills necessady to be stronger one on one defensive players and better executing team defensive strategies.
Goalies 6 2:1 Fundamental save breakdowns, In cage movement, low saves, inside shots, bounce shots, overall goalie positioning and core in cage skills. Goalies get the 2:1 attention and specific coaches and video feedback for player development that is needed to become more self aware.  Combined with a targeted gameplan for player growth will bring goalies to being better prepared for this spring season.

Field Players Bring Full Boys Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water Bottle

Goalies Bring Full Goalie Equipment:

  • Full goalies equipment
  • Helmet
  • Chest protector
  • Throat guard
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Cup
  • Shin Pads (girls goalies)
  • Thigh Pads (girls goalies)
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water Bottle

Lacrosse Unlimited:

Registration is EXTREMELY LIMITED and will sell out quickly.

To maximize the player experience and provide the best gameplan and video feedback we are only accepting 24 total players and each position has their designated session time.  9 Offense, 9 Defense & 6 Goalies

Offense/Defense – $125, Goalies +$30

Includes all on site training, detailed video review emailed after each session and personalized 6 week training gameplan delivered within 10 days of final session.

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What happen if this sells out and I am added on the waitlist?

Players who are on our waitlist will be notified if a spot opens up in our current training.  This could be last minute so block off your calendar if you are waitlisted.  We will run these sessions periodically throughout the year and players on the waitlist will be offered priority enrollment to the next ULX session.

When can I expect to receive the two videos with review from the training?

Video review is crucial to players development.  Within one week of each session, our coaches will review and provide a link via email to your personalized video review.  Players can expect form and core mechanic instruction which can only been seen with video review.

When is the personal player development gameplan provided and in what format?

Your personal gameplan will be provided within one week of the second session.  With your second round of video feedback we will deliver a training schedule which provides drills we work on in our training as well as additional drills with links online for convenience.

The format is a pdf highlighting your personal player development needs and the drills necessary to work on outside of practice. Knowing the right drills to work on and develop your game is important to maximize your time training to build upon strengths and support skill sets that need the most improvement.  Your document will highlight 2 weekly workouts with specific drills to focus on and train over 6 weeks.  We will identify the most important skills for players have to improve their game and provide the plan to improve.  Players are expected to complete the training program to achieve maximim results!

What is the appropriate skill level?

This session is for experienced players who are looking for an advantage through their own player development plan.  Players with experiece will benefit the most in these sessions.  This is because they know the game and have a foundation that can be built upon.  Players who do not have a year or more of experiece would be better with private lessons.

I see that this is outside in the preseason – will it be cold?  

Of course it will be.  Dress warm – we recommend sweatpants and either a cold gear under your pads and/or sweatshirt over your pads.  Most players get hot and shed layers within the first 20 minutes of the session.  Competitive programs from school aged through NCAA are outside all winter playing and training.  The fields at Capelli are just about all booked for the entire winter til 10pm every night and you will see young boys and girls soccer groups on the fields (sometimes even in shorts) training and competing.  In the event of snow covered fields we have one day built into the calendar and will be able to schedule another make up date if necessary.

I am ready to book, what do I do and what happens from here?

Registration is online through the NJLT Website.  We accept all major credit cards, paypal and even Venmo!  Once registered you will receive a confirmation email that your order has gone through.  You will receive a logistics email with additional information prior to the first session.

I have additional questions – who should I contact?

Reach out to our director of training Dennis Mann through either email – [email protected] – or call/text 908-445-5800

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