Winter Boys Offense Vs. Defense

5 Wednesday’s Beginning January 23, 2019.

Winter Offense VS Defense Training

Location: Indoor – Sports City NJ – 269 Squankum Rd. Farmingdale, NJ 07727

  • Grades 5th – 8th:  6:00-7:00PM 
  • Grades 9th – 12th:  8:00-9:00PM
  • Experience required

High Performance Training!

  • NJLT Offense Vs. Defense Training is all about the matchups and the offense vs defense challenges.
  • Position Specific Training and Game Situations.
  • 5 weeks of focused positional training and player development.

1st Half – Position Specific Training

  • Offense Training: – This training focuses on dodging, scoring goals and setting up offensive players to beat the defense. NJLT OvD training develops the offensive player to see the opportunities on the field and attack the defense when the window becomes available.  From dodging training and stick protection to shooting and finishing, this session will cover the necessary skills to be an offensive threat on the field.
  • Defense Training: Stick checks, body position and team defense, this training session will build the defensemen into a powerhouse on the defensive end of the field.  This session will develop and instill the tools necessary to compete and stop the offense by building a players individual skills, footwork, stick checks and applying them into a team defensive format and scheme.  Players will learn takeaway checks, combo’s, and what it takes to stop the offense.

2nd Half – Game Situations 

Game situations are focused on the matchups between offense and defense.  These are the individual games within the big picture game of lacrosse and what separates players from the pack.  This includes the one on one matchup between the offense and defense, 2 man games, dodging, ball possession and settled offense vs defense. The game situations involve positions combining and pairing against each other in competition as they would normally do on the field.  These experiences, are often overlooked, but are a huge part of winning in the game of lacrosse for both the offense and the defense.

NJLT Coaching Staff:

NJLT Offense Vs. Defense Training has an 8:1 players to coaches ratio with a roster of head coaches and assistant coaches broken down by position.  Each of the coaches have excelled at their own position as both players and coaches and have been selected not only as great coaches but as coaches who possess the tools necessary to teach their craft to the players.

2019 Registration:

$165 per player

Offense vs Defense Is Limited to 24 Players Per Age Group

Note: It is recommended to add Lax Academy or Sniper School for a complete training package for the 2019 preseason!  Save on registration costs by adding more that one clinic to your preseason training.

Sniper School – Shooting Training for Offense 7-8pm

Lax Academy – Skills Development 7-8pm