The complete select experience from elite coaches, the best team gear, and the NJLT commitment to developing every player to compete at their highest ability.

Click the button below to sign up for the next evaluations dates for boys players graduating 2024 – 2027:

August 13th 2020 6:00 – 7:30pm

August 25th 2020 6:00 – 7:30pm

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Contact our director Dennis Mann for more information:  dennis@njltlacrosse.com

“We are really happy he is getting coached by you guys. He has learned more in the last 2 weeks than the last 4yrs combined.   Thank you!”



NJLT Elite is a select lacrosse team with a unique opportunity for players to grow and develop their skills to compete at the highest level!  Our player centric commitment is focused on improving players skills through our player development model and playing under experienced head coaches at every level.  In an effort to put the best players onto the field, players must be selected at one of our evaluations to be considered to participate on NJLT Elite.  See evaluations tab for more details and upcoming evaluations.  NJLT will be selecting players based on their current skills and what the NJLT training curriculum will be able to build players into as they continue to compete.

NJLT Elite is looking for players to fill out its rosters in the below grades:

  • Graduation Year 2024 – 9th Grade in Fall 2020
  • Graduation Year 2025 – 8th Grade in Fall 2020
  • Graduation Year 2026 – 7th Grade in Fall 2020
  • Graduation Year 2027 – 6th Grade in Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Schedule:

  • Sunday Practices
  • 3 Fall Tournaments – October/November
  • Fall schedule to be released to players by September 1, 2020

Summer 2021 Schedule:

  • 2 Day Boot Camp – Late May
  • 2 Practices per week
  • 4 Summer Tournaments – June/July
  • Summer Schedule released to players by March 15, 2021

WHO: 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 Graduating year boys players

WHAT: Elite teams that compete in summer and fall with year round training opportunities.

WHERE: Practices in Colts Neck.  Tournaments in NJ/PA/DE/MD/NY

WHEN: Fall practices start in September 2020 with tournamants in October/November 2020. Summer practices start the end of May 2021 and tournaments run through July 2021. 

WHY: A complete Elite team training experience to build players skills and exposure to the best competition in the game.


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NJLT is the complete package from elite coaching from seasoned coaches, to position specific training, competition and gameplay to the gear the players will be using from head to toe.  Teams are about playing together as a unit and competing as a unit.  Looking at the best teams competing in the world they have the same consistent look to play and participate as a unit and NJLT Elite puts forth the same complete package for its players.

NJLT Elite Team Member Training:

  • Elite coaching from NJLT Elite coaching staff
  • Position Specific Training Bootcamp – A 3 Day Mini Camp to kick off the summer season.
  • 12+ Summer Practices
  • 3-4 Summer Tournaments
  • 6+ Fall Practices
  • 2-3 Fall Tournaments
  • 18-24 Players Per Team
  • Discounted participation in NJLT Camps/Clinics/Events.

NJLT Elite Team Members Receive The Best Player Gear Package With Registration:

  • NJLT Elite Custom Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet
  • NJLT Elite Custom Bag
  • NJLT Elite Game Jersey
  • NJLT Elite Game Shorts
  • NJLT Elite Game Socks
  • NJLT Elite Practice Pinny
  • NJLT Elite Practice Shorts
  • NJLT Elite Shooting Shirt
  • Up to $300 Credit Toward NJLT Player Develpment Camps/Clinics
  • Discounted participation in NJLT Camps/Clinics

Breakdown of sample team by position:

  • Goalie – 2-3
  • Attack – 4-6
  • Midfield – 6-9 (Including 2-3 Faceoff Middies)
  • Defense – 5-8 (Including 2-3 LSM)

Playing Time:

  • Pool Play/Exhibition Games – During tournament games, NJLT coaches will do their best to give all players as close to equal playing time as possible.
  • Elimination Games/Playoffs – NJLT Elite is a select team and will play the players able to advance their team as far into tournaments as possible.


NJLT Elite will be competing in 2-3 fall tournaments (October/Early November 2020) and 4 summer tournaments in (June/July 2021).

NJLT will be participating in tournaments located in state and out of state to provide the most competitive experience for our players.  Tournaments are selected on the competition of the teams, tournament history, and will be located in NJ, NY, DE, MD or PA.  NJLT will limit our tournaments to no more than 2 overnight tournamants per year out of state when selecting the best tournaments for our teams to compete.  Overnight accomodations and all travel expenses are the player/parents responsibility.  

Note: Given the current travel restrictions of COVID19, we will be competing in local NJ based tournaments and eliminating overnight events until the restrictions have been lifted.

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NJLT Elite Evaluations:

August 13th 2020 – 6:00pm – 7:30pm

August 25th 2020 – 6:00pm – 7:30pm

NJLT will hold mulitple evaluations for NJLT Elite to properly build the rosters for the upcoming fall and summer lacrosse season.  NJLT will be acively recruiting to fill its rosters and once a position is filled, enrollment for that position will be closed for the team.

Player Selection:

18-24 players per team will be selected across.  Invitiations to join the NJLT Elite team will be released within 5 days after evaluations to players who have been selected.  Once invited, parents will have one week to secure their players position on NJLT Elite with a $650 deposit.

NJLT Elite Payment:

NJLT Offers 2 payment plan options for its team members. Invitiations will be made within 5 days of evaluations to players who will be selected to join NJLT Elite.  Players spots on the team will be secured with a 1/3 deposit and enroll in either monthly installment payments or pay in full.  Registration fee for evaluations is applied to the cost of the team dues.

NJLT Elite Team Payment Options:

1. Pay in Full

Full Payment at time of deposit.

  • Receive $300 credit to future NJLT Camps, Clinics, Player Development Training outside the NJLT Elite practice and player development events included with being on the NJLT Elite teams.
  • Full Credit issued at time of registration.

2. Monthly

1/3 Deposit due at registration.  Monthly payments for 6 consecutive months.

  • Receive $250 total credit to future NJLT Camps, Clinics, Player Development Training outside the NJLT Elite practice and player development events included with being on the NJLT Elite teams when paid in full.
  • $125 credit issued at the time of deposit.
  • $125 credit issued when balance is paid in full.

See refund policy for more details and contact NJLT Director with any questions pertaining to NJLT Elite registration.


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NJLT is looking for the right players to join its teams in 2020/2021 and will be holding open evaluations for boys graduating years 2024 – 2027 (6th – 9th grade in fall 2020).  NJLT’s player development model is second to none.  Our selection for players with the NJLT Elite teams is to locate players who are currently playing at their peak or players who will hit their peak with skills development will be an asset to the NJLT Elite teams.

NJLT Elite is targeting a multi-year approach to becoming the most competitive team around.  Taking necessary steps to develop players and drive player development as individuals and as a team is the key to successfully accomplishing that goal.  When a player is selected to play with NJLT Elite, they are on the team and tryouts the following year are not required.

18-24 Players per team will be selected to compete with NJLT in the fall and summer.  NJLT will close enrollment for each team once all roster spots have been filled.  Invitiations to join NJLT Elite will be released within 5 days after evaluations and players/parents will have 1 week from that time to secure their position on the team with a deposit. 

Summer Evaluations

August 13th 6:00 – 7:30pm

August 25th 6:00 – 7:30pm

 Evaluations are held at Cedar Ridge School – 73 Cedar Ridge, Colts Neck NJ.

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Any questions, please contact our director, Dennis Mann via email: dennis@njltlacrosse.com 

Players will be selected based on performance at evaluations and selected on a first come first serve basis.  Once a position is filled on a team we will close evaluations to that position.

Director:  Dennis Mann

Head Coaches:  Coach Alex Sinkovich, Coach Vin Rini, Coach Joe Lodato

Each NJLT Elite team will have one head coach, one assistant coach and all teams will be supported by our position specific coaches.  The head coach and assistant coach will each have skill sets and expertise will compliment each other so that players will benefit the most from their coaches background.  For example:  A strong offensive head coach will be paired with a defensive assistant coach to ensure players are getting the most player development with our staff.  Within the NJLT organization we have the best coaches to support every player and position.  NJLT Elite players will benefit from our entire coaching staff at boot camp and throughout practices and games.