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NJLT Lacrosse Training





NJLT has a commitment to players, parents, and coaches to further the growth of the sport through proper fundamentals and technique. We take our role seriously as we continue to develop and drive the talent of players all over New Jersey.

There is no one-way-or-the-highway approach to training at NJLT and we strive to do what is best for each student. After every session skills and drills are evaluated, tweaked, and changed if necessary to best serve our young athletes.


NJLT Director Dennis Mann has over 20 years of lacrosse playing experience and 10 years of coaching experience. He hand selects each NJLT coach based on both playing expertise and teaching technique criteria.

The NJLT playbook is massive, filled with plays, drills, techniques, and strategies for every situation on the lacrosse field. Every young athlete who works with NJLT benefits from the comprehensive knowledge that our coaches’ collective experience brings.


With high-level coaches, years of honed techniques, and a game plan that is ever evolving, NJLT has become the trusted training program for numerous high school and youth programs.


The sport of lacrosse is constantly evolving and NJLT coaches have their finger on the pulse of the game. Every year brings new rules, higher levels of play, product technology advances, and much more. What worked ten years ago in training is not enough today. Our staff recognizes these changes in the sport and year after year we adapt our game plan to suit the current level of play.

Track Record

Since its inception in 2010, NJLT has helped develop thousands of players’ skills through private lessons, clinics, camps, and team training. Our reputation is in the success of the players we train and can be seen on lacrosse fields throughout our home state and beyond.

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