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Shot Speed vs Shot Accuracy

In lacrosse there are shooters who shoot with straight power, these type of players normally are trying to shoot the ball as hard as possible just so the goalie doesn't have enough time to save. While some players like to focus on their accuracy more than their speed,...

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91 to 96, 66 to 79, 81 to 85, 44 to 54

Shooting is hands down the most important aspect of the game of lacrosse.  Without scoring goals, teams cannot win games.  There are arguments that go each way stating that the goalie is the most important part of a team or that offense wins games, defense wins...

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PLL Invites going out in 10 days!

Are you a high level lacrosse player? This fall, NJLT is bringing a brand new and exciting addition to the central NJ lacrosse and its going to be exactly what players and parents of experienced players are looking for. The PLL is inviting specific players to join us...

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Low Saves VS. Toe Saves

Two sessions in and this goalie camp is going GREAT. Players are learning, asking questions, and being challenged each night. Looking forward to tonights session and getting players trained up! The players are FOCUSED at training and really soaking up all that NJLT...

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Welcome to NJLTLacrosse.com!

We have recently undergone a website overhaul. With our expanding clientele and statewide services we felt a new website would help customers communicate better with NJLT. Check out our new look and register for camps and lessons. If you have any questions about NJLT...

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