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Box Lacrosse Shooting Drills

Box Lacrosse Shooting drillsWelcome to our Box Lacrosse Shooting Drills Blog, where precision meets power on the virtual field! In this guide, we explore a variety of dynamic exercises designed to elevate your box lacrosse shooting game. From honing accuracy with...

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Box Passing drills

AccuracyPrecision is key in passing. Practice hitting your teammate's stick consistently to ensure accurate passes.NJLT Fast Lax Quick ReleaseDue to the smaller playing area in box lacrosse, players have less time to make decisions. Developing a quick release on your...

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Box Lacrosse Drills

PASSING AND CATCHINGSet up two players facing each other about 10-15 feet apart. One player passes the ball to the other, who catches it and immediately passes it back. Emphasize quick and accurate passes. Vary the types of passes (overhand, sidearm, underhand) and...

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Accurate Shooters

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, it's difficult to pinpoint the single most accurate shooter in lacrosse, as the sport is continually evolving and new players emerge with exceptional skills. Lacrosse is played at various levels, including college,...

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Fundamentals in Box

STATIONARY TARGET SHOOTINGSet up targets in the corners and other key areas of the net. Have players take shots from various distances and angles, aiming for these targets. This drill helps improve accuracy and shot placement.   Box Lacrosse Quick Release...

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Mastering Lacrosse Shooting Accuracy

Becoming a more accurate shooter in lacrosse requires a combination of technique, practice, and mental focus. NJLT Fall Sniper SchoolFundamental Shooting Technique: NJLT EliteSTANCE :Start with a balanced stance, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your body...

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History of Box

Box lacrosse is a variant of the traditional field lacrosse game that is played indoors on a smaller, enclosed playing surface known as a box. The history of box lacrosse is rich and has evolved over time. NJLT BoxLATE 19TH CENTURY: ORIGINSThe roots of box lacrosse...

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Shot Speed vs Shot Accuracy

In lacrosse there are shooters who shoot with straight power, these type of players normally are trying to shoot the ball as hard as possible just so the goalie doesn't have enough time to save. While some players like to focus on their accuracy more than their speed,...

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