Set up targets in the corners and other key areas of the net. Have players take shots from various distances and angles, aiming for these targets. This drill helps improve accuracy and shot placement.


Box Lacrosse

Quick Release Shooting

Work on the speed of your shots by focusing on a quick release. Use a partner or a coach to pass the ball to the shooter, who must catch and shoot in one fluid motion. This simulates game situations where you need to release the ball rapidly.


NJLT Elite Boys

Move and Shoot

Set up cones or markers around the field. Have players skate around these markers while receiving passes and shooting on the move. This drill helps players practice shooting in different situations and while maintaining their balance


NJLT Private Lessons

Fake and Shoot

Incorporate fakes and dekes into shooting drills. Have players practice different types of fakes (like a pump fake or a head fake) before taking a shot. This helps create shooting opportunities by confusing defenders and goalies.


NJLT Fall Boys Academy

Behind-the-Back Shooting

Encourage players to practice behind-the-back shots. This unexpected shot can catch goalies off-guard and increase scoring opportunities. Start close to the net and gradually move farther away as players become more comfortable


NJLT Fall Girls Lax Academy

Power Shooting from Close Range

Set up near the crease and work on powerful shots. Focus on accuracy and increasing shot velocity. This is especially effective for rebounds and quick shots close to the net.


NJLT Fall Sniper School Shooting Clinic

Shooting Under Pressure

Create game-like situations where players have limited time and space to shoot. Add defenders to create pressure and force players to make quick decisions while maintaining accuracy.


Fast Lax Tournament

Off-Ball Shooting

Work on shooting off passes from teammates. Players should practice getting open, receiving passes, and taking quick shots. This drill emphasizes teamwork and positioning.


Weekly Workouts

Shooting in Traffic

Have players practice shooting while defenders try to disrupt their shots. This helps players develop the ability to shoot accurately under pressure and navigate through traffic.


Pick Up Lacrosse

Transition Shooting

Simulate transition scenarios where players receive a pass while on the run and shoot in full stride. This drill is great for developing fast-break opportunities and maintaining accuracy while moving.


Lessons with Coach Mann

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