NJLT Testimonials

NJLT Testimonials

Statements from NJLT players & parents

Joe D.
Would you recommend training with NJLT to a friend?: Yes

Just wanted to thank you for the great Sniper clinic this past week.  My son has been to several clinics throughout the Mid-Atlantic and your clinic delivered.  My son is real excited with some the things he learned and looks forward to attending future clinics.

Nick F.
Would you recommend training with NJLT to a friend?: Yes

I trained a few mornings to work on shooting and different ways to workout putting emphasis on speed and agility. After the different pointers Coach Sinko gave me about shooting I felt a lot more confident with my shooting as well as shooting on the run. I was also grateful at how many different ways he knew how to work speed and agility into the training which was something I was having trouble with doing on my own. I’m glad that I took the opportunity to work with Coach Sinko because now I am a much more confident shooter and know how to work on speed and agility.

Brandon N.
Would you recommend training with NJLT to a Friend?: YES!

I am a attackman like Dennis so it was real easy for us to get along. Dennis is not just a lacrosse skill trainer he also helps me with speed and agility. He knows how to work you to your limits and give you confidence. He also becomes a good friend and not just your trainer. But when your talking to him you can’t slack you still have to always work hard. When I train with him I know if I listen and work hard he’ll make me a great lacrosse player.

Scott R.
Would you recommend training with NJLT to a friend?: Yes

My son is a goalie and worked with Dennis. He’s an outstanding coach who really talks to the player and relates well with him. My son learned so much by listening to Dennis. His insight into the game is incredible since he’s played several positions. He positions the goalie to observe the tendencies of the shooter, and where to look the shot from. I’m very happy with the training as my son is too and will continue to use Dennis throughout his playing

Ben R.
Would you recommend training with NJLT to a friend?: Yes

I went from scoring around one to two goals a season to one to two goals a game after his lessons. Every week we start off with the partner catch, which has really improved my reaction time and my stick skills. Coach Alex keeps pushing me through the drills and we always seem to stop right before I completely crash on the floor. At the end, Coach Alex tells me what I should work on over the next week and how I can improve, and I leave feeling that my game improved greatly since I came. Overall, I don’t know where I’d be if I had never taken lessons with Coach Alex. He is an incredible lacrosse player, and an even better coach!

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