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Boys Shoot2Score

5 Weeks Of Training!

1/29 – Monday

2/5 – Monday

2/12 – Monday

(No session Presidents Day 2/19)

2/26 – Monday

3/4 – Monday

Time:  6:00pm-7:00pm


Shot speed will increase from day one to the last session – GUARANTEED!  NJLT has upheld this guarantee for 14 straight years.  Our unique shooting training curriculum brings improvement in every single player and over 1,300 players attending our shooting training sessions since 2009 have taken the next step in their shooting!

Boys Shoot 2 Score!

Lets go!!!  This is what the entire game is all about!

Strong defense – great!  Strong faceoff players – phenomenal!  Top tier goalie – Awesome!

A powerfull offense that shoots and scores – Nothing else matters more than that!  If you can’t outscore the other team, you won’t win!  Be the player your team wants to have the ball in their stick when the game is on the line!  Every team has the one player – is it you?  With Shoot 2 Score and hard work it can be!

Schedule 5 Weeks Of Training!

Monday 1/22
Monday 1/29
Monday 2/5
Monday 2/12
(No session Presidents Day 2/19)
Monday 2/26
Monday 3/4 (if needed)

Time:  6:00pm-7:00pm

Location: Outdoor- Capelli Sports
1569 Wayside Road, Tinton Falls NJ 07712

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  • Shot Speed Training: Goal number one is to get all players to increase their shot speed.  This is done through fundamental skills development, shooting form and body rotation.  Often players come to these sessions with bad habits that form through informal shot training and skill development.  This session will increase shot speed in all players guaranteed.  Note: Average increase per session is 4-5mph, highest increase in shot speed by a single player was a player was a high school junior (committed to NCAA Lacrosse) who increased from 76mph to 92mph!  Shooting is all about proper form and NJLT takes players shooting to the next level!
  • Shooting Accuracy Training: “It does not matter how hard you can shoot if you cannot hit the broad side of a barn!”  Without accuracy it does matter if you can shoot hard, a well placed ball is as important as speed.  NJLT Sniper School teaches how to shoot with accurate and precise shooting and works hard through fundamental skills development to get players shots placed where they want to shoot.
  • Everything Else: Shot speed and accuracy are most important, but that’s not all it takes to be a sniper on the field.  Dodging, Shooting on the run, inside shots, finishing, and much more will be covered in the sessions.

Full Boys Equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Mouthguard
  • Cleats or Sneakers
  • Water Bottle

$195 per player

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“This camp helps everyone become a better shooter. They teach you the correct form to help you shoot the most accurate and powerful as you possibly can.” -Kyle

“If you wanted to improve your shot in the best way possible then this is the clinic for you.” -James

“Learn new skills and get to rip some shots, my favorite clinic to go to always.” -Colby

“My shot speed increased in only 2 weeks, I was already 4 mph faster than my fastest shot ever!” -Michael

How much will shot speed increase?  

Every player is different but we usually experience 4-5mph in shot speed improvement on average across the entire clinic.  We have had players with experience who needed a lot of help with their shooting form and improve in the double digits with shot speed.  The player who improved the most was a HS Junior with a verbal commitment to Bucknell to play D1 lacrosse.  This player always struggled with shot speed and within 5 weeks brought their shot speed from 71 to 85 – an astonishing 14mph in 4 weeks and a shot speed you normall see in the NCAA.

My son has some experience and has only played for one year – will this be too advanced for him?

NO! – All shooting skills covered are player/level specific and do not matter who else is involved in the clinic.  Skills are introduced at a high level and broken down to be instructed to players of all levels.   Players who attend our shooting session usually book end the experience levels and everything inbetween- low level looking to develop their shooting foundation through high level experienced players looking to dial in or fix bad habits developed over the years.

I see that this is outside in the winter – will it be cold?  

Of course it will be.  Dress warm – we recommend sweatpants and either a cold gear under your pads and/or sweatshirt over your pads.  Most players get hot and shed layers within the first 20 minutes of the session.  Competitive programs from school aged through NCAA are outside all winter playing and training.  The fields at Capelli are just about all booked for the entire winter til 10pm every night and you will see young boys and girls soccer groups on the fields (sometimes even in shorts) training and competing.  In the event of snow covered fields we have one day built into the calendar and will be able to schedule another make up date if necessary.

I am ready to book, what do I do and what happens from here?

Registration is online through the NJLT Website.  We accept all major credit cards, paypal and even Venmo!  Once registered you will receive a confirmation email that your order has gone through.  About a week prior to the first session you will receive a logistics email that will answer any last minute questions that players/parents may have.  Each week we will be given a field assignment and will announce the field location via email.

I have additional questions – who should I contact?

Reach out to our director of training Dennis Mann through either email – [email protected] – or call/text 908-445-5800

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