Winter Sniper School

5 Consecutive Wednesday’s Beginning January 23, 2019

7:00pm – 8:00pm

Winter Sniper School – Shooting Clinics

Location: Indoor – Sports City NJ – 269 Squankum Rd. Farmingdale, NJ 07727

7:00pm – 8:00pm – 5 Wednesdays in a row starting January 23, 2019

  • Boys in 3rd – 12th grade – Players broken into groups by age/experience.
  • Two main goals are to increase accuracy and increase shot speed.
  • NJLT GUARANTEE – Shot speed will increase from day one to the last session.  NJLT has upheld this guarantee for 7 straight years with over 1,000 players attending shooting training sessions and all players increasing.

Training Format:

  • Shot Speed Training: Goal number one is to get all players to increase their shot speed.  This is done through fundamental skills development, shooting form and body rotation.  Often players come to these sessions with bad habits that form through informal shot training and skill development.  This session will increase shot speed in all players guaranteed.  Note: Average increase per session is 4-5mph, highest increase in shot speed by a single player was a player was a high school junior (committed to NCAA Lacrosse) who increased from 76mph to 92mph!  Shooting is all about proper form and NJLT takes players shooting to the next level!
  • Shooting Accuracy Training: “It does not matter how hard you can shoot if you cannot hit the broad side of a barn!”  Without accuracy it does matter if you can shoot hard, a well placed ball is as important as speed.  NJLT Sniper School teaches how to shoot with accurate and precise shooting and works hard through fundamental skills development to get players shots placed where they want to shoot.
  • Everything Else: Shot speed and accuracy are most important, but that’s not all it takes to be a sniper on the field.  Shooting on the run, inside shots, dodging, finishing, and much more will be covered in the Sniper School Sessions.

NJLT Coaching Staff:

NJLT Sniper School Training has an 8:1 players to coaches ratio with a roster of head coaches and assistant coaches broken down by position.  Each of the coaches have excelled at their own position as both players and coaches and have been selected not only as great coaches but as coaches who possess the tools necessary to teach their craft to the players.

2019 Registration:

$165 per player

Sniper School Is Limited to 30 players and will be broken down by age group.

Note: It is recommended to Offense vs Defense Training for a complete training package for the 2019 preseason!  Save on registration costs by adding more that one clinic to your preseason training.

Offense vs. Defense HS:  8-9pm

Offense vs. Defense Youth:  6-7pm

$165 per player