Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Son/Daughter need for their first lesson?

Boys – NJLT WAIVER, Helmet, Gloves, Stick, Sneakers and Cleats

Girls – NJLT WAIVER, Goggles, Stick, Sneakers and Cleats

Our coaching staff will provide the goal, balls, and any other necessary training equipment required for the lesson. Please contact us immediately if your player does not have the equipment listed above.

Where can I find the NJ Lacrosse Training Waiver?

Click Here to view and print your NJLT Liability Waiver. All players MUST bring this form completely filled out and signed before their first training session.

 Does my player improve after each lesson?

YES! But it is up to the player to continue to work on his or her skills between lessons. To get the most out of training with NJLT, each player MUST do his or her homework in between training sessions. If the player does not work on the new skills then the coaches must spend part of the next lesson working on skills taught in prior lessons.

How many lessons should my son/daughter do with NJLT?

This is directly related to how much you would like your son/daughter to improve. Players who train with us for six or more lessons benefit the most from training with NJLT.

What do we do if there is inclement weather?

We will contact you the day before your lesson if weather looks like it may be an issue. Please be advised that all lessons will be held in cold and after snow has fallen. Lessons will be cancelled due to lightning, hard rain, or if snow is currently falling.

Our staff has all played college lacrosse and we have all practiced outdoors in the freezing cold and rain. We DO NOT CANCEL on account of the cold. As long as the players can get their footing, all lessons will be held as scheduled. Lessons may be relocated to a cleared parking lot or a tennis court to assure proper footing. Please be prepared with cleats and sneakers for all lessons.

What is the NJLT Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations MUST be made more than 24 Hours prior to the start of a scheduled lesson. Cancellations for a camp or clinic must be made 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. For a more detailed description of our cancellation policy please see our refund policy page.

What time should I plan to arrive at the field before my lesson?

Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your lesson to stretch and prepare for your lesson.

Does my lesson end after exactly one hour?

Our coaches schedule lessons back-to-back and to be fair to the next player you will stay after your lesson and collect your practice balls.

What if my lesson starts a few minutes late?

All lessons are planned to start on time, but delays do happen while transitioning between players. Please be patient and be assured that even if your lesson was scheduled for 10am and does not begin until 10:06, you will still receive one FULL hour of training.

On the rare occurrence that the coach is late, he or she will contact you to let you know. If your coach is late and has not reached out to you, please let us know by emailing our director at [email protected] so this issue can be resolved.

If I have a goal at my house, can I schedule lessons at my home?

It is good to hear that you have a goal, this will make your player’s homework easier to complete!

Lessons are held at one central location to enable our coaches to schedule multiple players in a day and make the best use of their training time. Rarely do we travel to a player’s home to train them.

Training at a player’s home is not commonly practiced due to the fact that when a lacrosse ball meets a window or a car, the result is often very costly. To avoid this occurrence we only train at fields.

Where can I find your website privacy policy?

Click Here to visit our privacy policy page.

Have any more questions that we did not answer?

Email our director at [email protected]

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