In lacrosse there are shooters who shoot with straight power, these type of players normally are trying to shoot the ball as hard as possible just so the goalie doesn’t have enough time to save. While some players like to focus on their accuracy more than their speed, in this case you are more or less trying to put the ball out of the goalies reach. Both of these types of players can have success on the field but ultimately what’s harder for a goalie to save? Goalies when standing in the cage make sure to find the shooters stick. This is key when trying to track a shot as a goalie. If you can see the ball the whole time it makes it easier to save. As a shooter shoots if he uses more power over speed this may help considered the goalie just won’t have enough time to reach. As well as the mental aspect for a goalie. At most levels of the game someone who is a significantly hard shooter may get in the goalies head more due to the fact there shot is so hard. Someone who may have a soft with dead accurate shot can cause problems for a goalie. If a goalie can’t read placement or can’t reach the ball there is a slim chance that ball is getting saved. At the same time a significant decrease in speed compared to hard shooter gives a goalie a lot more time to save the shot. In lacrosse I don’t think speed is better than power or vice versa. In lacrosse I think you need a key balance. This balance consists of being able to shoot the hardest possible shot without losing control as a shoot. As a player if you can consistently shoot in any spot with significant speed no goalie can stop you as a shooter.