With the first season of the PLL coming to an end, we look back to see what this means to the sport of lacrosse now and for the future of the game. The PLL has been an extraordinary thing for the sport of lacrosse. For the first time in the history of lacrosse players have an opportunity to be a full time lacrosse player with no other obligations. These pro players are now getting the opportunity to explore their full potential by being able to train everyday and sustain a life with a salary, benefits, and such. In previous pro lacrosse leagues players normally would work a nine to five job during the week and then fly out to play a pro game on the weekend. This limited the success and seriousness of pro lacrosse in the past. Will this give a new hope to the young athletes who always dream of being a pro athlete? Will the PLL and establishment of full time lacrosse players encourage young players to train more in hopes of becoming one of these elite players? The PLL most likely will raise the competition level as well as grow the game going forward. It will make the sport more competitive by bringing more players and better athletes to the game. Prospects finally have the opportunity to target a pro lacrosse career and still be financially comfortable in their lives. This is only the beginning for pro lacrosse and the growth of the sport is limitless.

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