What is the Performance Lacrosse League?

The PLL is the answer for what a lot of experienced lacrosse players have been looking for…A competitive platform designed for the experienced player who is looking to train and play in the offseason among other experienced players. Each PLL session is 2 hours long and players will be training by position in the first hour and competitively scrimmaging in the second hour.

Why limit the players who can enroll?

There is a LIMIT on how many players will be participating in the PLL so that the groups stay small and numbers work best for scrimmaging. If we allow more players by one position then it will impact the players who registered early once we get onto the training field.

What if my son/daughter is an all star and their position is not available because it is sold out?

Please email our director to be placed on our waitlist for the PLL – [email protected] and in the future is it best to enroll as early as possible for the PLL to guarantee your spot. Training is high level and we cannot make exceptions on our enrollment. Fall PLL registration will open in October each year to allow players ample time to register early and guarantee their spot.

Can my son/daughter enroll under a different position so they can participate in the PLL?

Yes, but they will be locked into that position for the duration of the season. It is important for players to play multiple positions early on in their lacrosse career to become the most competitive well-rounded player they can be.

Will the PLL expand in the future?

In the first year players will be groups into 3 age categories – youth boys, HS Boys, HS Girls – then broken down by position by there within each session for training. Expansion is planned for year 2 and will be open first to players who participate in the inaugural season of the PLL. We have big plans for the future of the PLL and look forward to getting players the high level training specific to their needs.

Any additional questions can be directed to our Director of training – [email protected]

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