With lacrosse being one of the fastest growing sports in the world it raises the question will lacrosse ever become a mainstream sport? If we look at lacrosse today we recently just finished the first season of the PLL, college lacrosse is at its peak, and overall the game continues to grow and get faster. If lacrosse becomes a mainstream sport in my mind it will happen through the PLL. The PLL does everything they can to market and grow the sport continuously. Also taking a look at mainstream sports today there are sports on the decline, such as baseball and football. Baseball is starting to lose popularity because of the pace and length of games. Football there has been so many issues in terms of concussions and players health that the sport is starting to lose attraction especially in youth players. Who knows maybe the sport of football will begin to change where there is less contact to prevent injuries thus being less entertaining to watch for the fans. And with lacrosse on the rise there is no question in my mind that lacrosse can become a mainstream sport. It may take many years and a lot of marketing to help people overall understand the game and get hooked but lacrosse definitely has a positive outlook for the future.