A couple months ago International Olympic committee announced that lacrosse would be reinstated into the Olympic games. With this being announce it brought many questions. With lacrosse being brought into the olympics they proposed a new change to the rules of the game. The rules include no longsticks, no shot back up, one draw per quarter, shorter field with 6v6 players. With these rule changes, will this change the game as we know it? What if more colleges want to bring lacrosse programs to their school but want to adapt to the new rules in hopes they can send athletes to the Olympics? How would the NCAA change the rules? These are all questions that will need to get answered as the future of our support continues to grow. Are these rules just stepping stones to allow small lacrosse team to participate to be more economically efficient? If that’s the case will the rules change back to as we know it today as the sport grows more in the Olympic community? As we have no answer to these questions now we will short find out as the future of this sport continues to change in different ways.